Our team are experienced in both directional drilling and underground thrusting.

Our directional drills are capable of servicing both small scale private work and large scale watermain upgrades. We have been involved in a variety of projects installing water pipe, drainage pipe, electrical ducting, telecom ducting and fibre.


Some of our most recent contracts have seen us helping to implement an erosion controlling drainage system.

Directional Drilling

Your Directional Drilling Experts.

We specialise in small scale Directional Drilling.

Experienced in our field and specialising in ongrade and precise drilling, Bay Ground Control Ltd are your ideal contractor for projects where accuracy is paramount.

Bay Ground Control Limited are equipped with; Ditch Witch JT5 Directional Drill, Ditch Witch JT10 Directional Drill, Ditch Witch JT2020 Directional Drill, Ditch Witch JT30 Directional Drill. Allowing for a large scale of projects to be included in our scope.

Our Small Scale Directional Drilling services are suited to Farmers, Plumbers & Electricians wanting to avoid trenching or with a need to get under driveways, roads or exisiting foundations.

With our larger services suited to Contractors on subdivisions, watermain renewal or install projects and utility build work

Lunjevich Thrusting Contractors

In Addition to Directional Drilling, we offer services in underground thrusting.


Another method of underground pipe installation.

Water Jetting options can be arranged for a more delicate approach.

For smaller projects Thrusting could be a more cost effective option for you.